Why should I have deadbolts?

Before you move into your new house, you should look to see that there is a deadbolt installed on each exterior door. Most doors have door knobs with locks in them, but that offers very little protection from bumping, lock picking, or brute force. A Deadbolt makes breaking into your home infinitely harder for robbers.

You probably do have a deadbolt on your front door, but do you have a door that goes from the garage to the outside? Frequently that door only has a knob which is a weak entry point to your house.

Having a deadbolt installed will give you peace of mind. When it comes to the safety of yourself and your family call the professionals you can trust.

DIY does not always work. Don’t assume you can install a deadbolt yourself just to try and save a little money. If it is not installed correctly it can become more costly to fix, and it may compromise your safety. If you want your deadbolt installed correctly hire the professionals at 7 Hills Lock & Key to get the job done right.

When you choose us for your deadbolt lock installation, you’re choosing a fully licensed, boded, and insured company with years of experience doing this every day!

Reasons for rekeying your locks

Secure your home. There are a variety of situations where you want to make sure a lock has a new key. Perhaps you just bought a new home and want to make sure nobody else can get in. After all, construction crews, real estate agents, and their clients may had had access for months.

Someone moved out. If someone just moved from your apartment or home, you surely don’t want them getting in again on their own. Make sure your locks are rekeyed as soon as they move out as a safety precaution.

Added protection when you need it. Rekeyed locks offer both safety and convenience. For added safety, let us install a deadbolt on home or business doors so you feel secure whenever you need it.

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